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The fact that 67% of internet users in the world access the internet from mobile devices as of 2021 and this number is increasing day by day has brought the concept of mobile (responsive) design to the fore. User-friendly, mobile-friendly designs come to the forefront in all web software, from a one-page product promotion site to web-based automation systems. In addition, mobile applications downloaded and used from application markets have become a part of our lives. The growing number of applications has increased the competition and for companies that want to stay ahead of their competitors, the concepts of user-friendly and useful interface designs (UI-UX) in web-application designs have come to the fore.

As Flaft Software, we offer user-friendly interfaces to our customers by combining our strong coder team with the power of the creative design team. We produce user-friendly solutions by meticulously planning every stage of the developed designs and testing them on different platforms. We plan all our design processes together with our customers, and we deliver the project by confirming step by step.

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