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Technology has changed many habits in our lives and gained new habits. Within the scope of marketing and shopping, e-commerce has become a frequent destination for almost all demanders. Therefore, companies that want to both survive and appeal to more segments are trying to implement e-commerce systems. However, many companies either do not start e-commerce at all or give up soon after trying, since there are too many marketplaces, a wide variety of software in the market, and technological inadequacy.

Thanks to the integrated e-commerce software we have developed as “Flaft Yazılım”, we easily carry our customers to the internet world. Our software offers a seamless service from end to end with many features such as integrated work with all marketplaces, seamless connection with payment infrastructures, integrated work with accounting software, mobile application support, integrated work with cargo companies, B2B and B2C support. We plan and budget the installation and post-installation support processes together with our customers. After the implementation of the project, we are growing your business together by providing consultancy services on increasing e-commerce sales.

Main Features of Our Software;

Stock integration: The e-commerce software we developed; It monitors and instantly updates the stocks in all your marketplaces, your own website and physical store sales.

Marketplace Integrations: Products you upload to the system from a single panel; It is integrated into all marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart. When you make changes in the fields such as price and description of the products in the panel, the contents are updated instantly in the marketplaces.

Accounting and E-Invoice Integration: The software has been developed in such a way that you can track all sales, turnovers and profits in detail. In addition, it can be integrated with the accounting software you use and instantly synchronizes all your accounting processes. With the E-Invoice module, it automatically creates and sends invoices for the products they purchase to customers.

Payment infrastructure integration: It can work in full integration with payment infrastructure companies in the industry (such as paypal), allowing you to receive payments from your customers safely. Apart from payment infrastructure companies, it can work integrated with the virtualpos of banks.

Integration of cargo companies: Our software allows you to create automatic cargo orders by connecting to cargo companies (UPS, USPS, FedEX, etc.) with API integration. Mobile Application: Offers IOS and Andorid mobile applications that work integrated with our software.

B2B and B2C support: Our software allows you to work as a marketplace (B2C) outside of sales (B2C) to the end user.

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