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As Flaft Software, we produce solutions for the needs of your sector and your company with our experienced staff who have worked in different sectors for many years. We draw up the entire needs map of our client company in detail by working together. After all processes and software stages are designed and mutually confirmed, we start to develop specific software to your company. During the project process, we share the developments on weekly and monthly, we let you to test and then continue the process with your approval. Thus, when the work is completed, we deliver it as a project that meets your needs as you already tested during the development process. After the project is delivered, as Flaft Software, we continue to be with you in the installation phase, training processes, error feedback, development and support processes.

As Flaft Software, we make developments using project management software such as Jira and Trello, which are used in global standards, and up-to-date software technologies, together with our expert and experienced team. In this way, we make all development processes in a complete, traceable, reportable and scalable manner.

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